Ashley Bloomfield

Three Ways to Fight Postpartum Shedding

Ashley Bloomfield
Three Ways to Fight Postpartum Shedding

One of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘How do you keep your hair so healthy during the postpartum phase?’ The answer, it’s not. Just like every other mama, postpartum hit me like a bus, physically and mentally. I no longer have the time for my hair that I once did, my hormones took over, and that was it. So far, my has experienced postpartum shedding, and even greying! That’s right… GREYING!

I am a firm believer in, ‘fake it till you make it!’ And though there is not much you can do to stop the shedding from falling, and the grey from greying, so I’ve teamed up with L’oréal Paris to share how you can combat postpartum hair, or just transform your hair all together!

  1. L’oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up - Let’s face it, you can run but you can’t hide from postpartum shedding. It’s inevitable, you will experience a large amount of shedding due to the hormonal shifts our bodies will go through, after giving birth. For me personally, majority of my shedding is at the temples of my head. Though it’s not really noticeable when my hair is curly, it is very noticeable when straight, or in a ‘Mom Bun’. This is where L’oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up comes in handy! It helps fill in those sparse areas naturally, leaving my hairline looking fuller, while quickly covering the new grey hairs that motherhood has blessed me with. Available in 7 different shades, the Root Magic Spray doesn’t smudge, run or leave a sticky residue when dry.

  2. Collagen - I started to hear about collagen, while I was pregnant, from fellow moms who swore it helped with stretch marks, hair growth, and aging. I decided to do some research of my own, to determine if it was worth all the hype. What I learned is that as we age, our natural levels of collagen slowly starts to decrease, leaving us with thinning hair, fine lines and wrinkles. Once we get pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed, those collagen levels drop drastically, to support the growth and development of the baby. Which is why many of us notice signs of aging, or question why our hair  or skin texture change so drastically, post baby. After doing my own research, I decided to start taking Collagen, to see if I would notice a difference in my skin and hair. The verdict.. YES! My hair has done a complete 180. My postpartum shedding has decreased drastically, and new hairs are starting to grow back in, making my hair look and feel fuller. Many of you know I had pretty back acne on my back while pregnant, and now my skin has completely cleared up, and even the scars are starting to fade. If you’re interested in trying out collagen, please be sure to do your own research on this, and speak to your doctor BEFORE taking collagen!

  3. Vitamins - As a mom, let’s face it, we have zero time to feed ourselves. Elisa gives me about 10 minutes to feed her, and once done, she needs my undivided attention or else she’s climbing the TV stand… Her new sense of wonder and curiosity has resulted in me eating whatever mum mum crackers, or leftover sweet potatoes, she chooses to leave behind. I think it’s a no brainer when I say our bodies need nutrients. If deprived, our body will pull whatever nutrients it gets to keep our organs going. When this happens, our hair is the last to be fed, and thus, starts to become brittle, break, and shed. Since becoming pregnant I’ve made it a huge point to make sure I take my vitamins, and drink my 3 L of water, daily. Especially while breastfeeding. And though our breastfeeding journey has ended this past month, I am still taking my prenatal vitamins to ensure my body gets what it needs, while I run off of mum mums and coffee, until nap/bedtime.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!