Ashley Bloomfield

Fall Favourites 2016

Ashley Bloomfield
Fall Favourites 2016

Fall has come and gone, and this season has been just crazy. From getting engaged, to travelling to the other side of the world - Fall has definitely kept me on my toes, and I am so incredibly grateful for everything that has taken place these past few months. 

For todays post, I am going to share with you a quick summary on everything that has happened so far. 

Favourite Experiences/ Moments: 

Getting Engaged

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Of course getting engaged to the love of my life, is my first favourite. Words cannot describe how happy, and excited, I am to marry someone so loving and so supportive. My Fiancé is my best friend, my therapist, and is now going to be my Instagram Husband 😂😂😂 Even when times are hard, he always manages to put a smile on my face... I mean how could I not smile waking up to this face everyday😍

Travelling to Sweden

If you had asked me two months ago, what the next destination on my list is, I would have told you London, Italy, France, or somewhere really warm. I never would have thought, that I would be given the opportunity to travel to Stockholm, Sweden... Let alone during the winter time… (I don’t do cold weather well). But when opportunity comes knocking, always open the door!

While in Sweden, I filmed two hair tutorials for H&M Magazine, and I can't believe how well the videos turned out! Be sure to check them out, online, at H&M Magazine - Or click on the images down below! 


Favourite Objects/Clothing: 

Loving Tan Official

Do I really have to explain why I love this product…. I mean for a mixed person, I am pale AF, so I honestly love any product that will make me look like I belong to my race - without skin damage! 

Ashley Bloomfield

This dress is just perfection. From the lace detailing to the flowy maxi skirt, this dress is perfect for any special event you may be attending. For me, it makes for the perfect engagement party dress, and I cannot wait to wear it! 

AdoreMe Workout Gear

Now that I am engaged, it is time to kick my butt into gear and get wedding ready. I do have another year and a half until the big day, BUT now is a great time to start taking my health more seriously, and nothing makes me want to work out more, than a new set of workout clothes. So I teamed up with AdoreMe and picked up some super cute workout gear! AdoreMe works just like a subscription box. When you sign up for their VIP member ship, you get your first set of workout clothes for $24.95, and then every month you can pick out a set for $39.95! If purchasing a set isn’t in your budget for that month, than you can always skip the month and not worry about getting charged! Here’s a link to more information about their program, and down below is a list of all the items I picked up! 

Shop the Afra set:

Shop the Rahel set:

Shop the Madrina set:

Shop the Sati set: